Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Christmas Come and Gone

Ah yes, the day we all wait and prepare for, gone in a twinkling of an eye...but it was fun. It just seemed to be awfully "loud" this year. Not sure why...could it be one more screaming and running little kid adds that much noise to the mix? Maybe. Christmas Eve was in shifts as we have 2 working Santas in the family and that is thier big night. Swiss steak and creamed peas with all the trimmings...that's our tradition. But I think Dad lost control this year and it seemed like everybody opened thier gifts at the same time. Between Danny telling everyone that he thought the gift amount limit was $100 and that's what he spent (liar) to a gift from Susie of three singing puppies in a basket "barking" out was total chaos. Why am I even suprised?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa Baby

It started with Danny. He bought a beautiful Santa suit and worked Christmas parties and stuff. Made enought $ to pay for thier Christmas gifts that first year. He got burned out after the 2nd year. So, he sold the suit to Jeff. Now Jeff is working "santa gigs" all through the season....paying for thier Christmas for 3 years now. Brother-in-law Bill has now entered the biz. He plays Santa at city tree lightings and local malls. Who would have thought I would have a family of Santas? It just seems twisted somehow...but then again, that's our family....a lot a Merry Christmas way...... so Dalaynee knows that Santa's not real, just a guy in a costume that her daddy plays once in a while. The other night she put on the fake "jolly stomach" that Jeff has....went to Jayne and said, Mama, what do you want to Santa? Jayne first said "peace on earth"....Laynee gave her a puzzled look...then Jayne says, shoes, shoes, I would love some shoes. Ok said Santa Laynee Jo...and runs to her mother's closet and delivers her a old pair of hiking boots. So, I guess we don't have to wonder...who will wear the red velvet suit next in the family.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just Another Wednesday night...

Deck the Halls...and all that stuff we sojourned to Huntington Beach last night to see Danny's lights on his house. He always adds an artistic flair to the whole thing. And....shocker..Cal got his hair cut....he has a face...and blue eyes! Who knew? Ain't Christmas time excitin?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hear Them Ring....

We had a women's ministry thing at church the other night...something we do every year...called the Christmas Bell. Instead of applause, everybody brings a bell and rings it..We sang like Silver Bells and Jingle was fun. Mom had to play a grandma in a skit...which was type-casting to say the least. Jayne directed, so Dalaynee helped out in the practices. Thought she was one of the kids...she did real good. When "grandma" asked the kids what are some of the traditions of Christmas...Dalaynee said, well, we had a big snowman at our house and somebody tooked it. (thier big snowman in the yard got ripped off...Christmas in CA) Even Susie joined in on the fun. Twas a great way to start the season....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunday Go to Meetin...

Dalaynee Jo came to big church on Sunday. This is how she started out

...and this is how it ended...when the girl worships she goes all the way!