Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Sunday

I took a lot of pictures that day, but I like this one the best....

Dalaynee and her BFF

Dalaynee is tight with the daughter of our Youth Pastor. Her name is Karissa.
They have long quiet conversations with their heads close together. They hug
each other in greeting at Preschool and they hold hands on the playground.
Here are a few shots of them at the Easter Egg Hunt we attended...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Goldy the fish

While Dalaynee's parents have been in Illinios, she is staying at Papa and Grammy's house. On Monday they went to get a fish. This is the kind she picked out and she named it Goldy. As you can see, it ain't "goldy" at all, but I've been told, in no uncertain terms by the young lass, that Blackie is a boys name. Today she wants to let Goldy go so that she can go back to her family. Mom said, we're her family now...I'm her Grammy, you are her friend....Dalaynee cried in great despair...but you can't be her're not a fish.
You just can't argue with that kind of why try?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brother in Law

Just a quick update to those family and friends that check this thing. Haven't had time to email and Jayne can't get to a computer right now. They are in Illinois and met with the oncologist yesterday. He said that they have already done every chemo and radiation possible. But he mentioned gamma nite (spelling???) That had been mentioned here at the beginning but they said that the tumor was too big. But the dr told him yesterday that thier machine can do it to bigger tumors. So, that is a possibility. The dr mentioned that if they were able to do that, that might put him in remission for 2 years and then maybe there will be something else to try. So, we are encouraged a bit by that. Jayne said the people are wonderful there....they have been talking to a lot of patients, a lot of them are Christians and that part has been great. They will be there until Saturday. She says it is freezing! Poor child. So, that's where we are right now...not great news, but not totally hopeless either. Keep praying...we serve a huge God, he could snap his fingers and that tumor could be totally gone. Wouldn't that be something???

Monday, March 10, 2008


Thomas is one of the guys that Jeff helped when he got out of jail. He met him at a place called Civigenics. This is a half-way house for guys that were formerly incarcerated for usually drug crimes and are trying to get thier life together. Thomas was one of those guys. He had tattoos of horns on his head...which he has since had removed. He is going to school, has a job and is real involved with the Celebrate Recovery at our church...and he attends Emmanuel now too. He has always had a soft spot for my niece...and she thinks he is quite something too. Here they are at Danny's gig at CR Friday night....God is good, huh?

A Day at the Park

We ventured to the park a few weekends ago, Miss Dalaynee had a time, that's for sure. She calls Jayne "her majesty"..and Jeff "king daddy". And she is Princess Lulu. Don't ask me where she comes up with this stuff. When she saw the pic of her pushing Jayne, she says, that is me pushing Her Majesty. I said, well, who am I then? She says, uh, let me think about it....hmmm. I know, you are Auntie Laur The Great....and folks, don't you forget it!