Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

Danny and his kids joined us at the 2:30 Christmas Eve services at our church. Dalaynee sang with her pre-school class. It was a wonderful way to start the evening. Don't know where Mom and Dad were for this shot, I think they headed for home to warm up the dinner.....
This was Cal's idea. The four of us with our baby pictures. The most humorous thing was when Cal handed Danny his picture and Danny looked at it in horror and yelled, Calvin, this is Lauri! This one is wearing a dress! ...and look how much Laynee Jo looks like her mama.
Here's Danny telling one of his other words entertaining himself most of all...nuthing changes.
Cal wanted to prove how buff he has gotten from working out for football that he lifted Mom right off the ground. Mother screamed so loud, we all thought she was dying! Quite impressive, really.

It was a great evening. It even seemed like Jeff was remembering a little we are hopeful and blessed. And that was Christmas 07...God bless us everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

Jayne invited me over to help decorate their tree...and now I know why. Her and Jeff set the sucker up, but me and Dalaynee had to decorate the whole thing (you'll notice the truckload of Laynee level ornaments hung on the front of the tree) while the mom and dad sipped their wine. Laynee said when we were done, "It's so beautiful and magical"....and you now what? It thanks to the parents!

I'm still here...

I know, I've been dropping the "blogging ball" as it were. Busy days, my friends, busy days. We had our staff Christmas Party on Tuesday at the Home Town Buffett. Was a good time. I asked everyone to gather together for a group shot...and they made me get in it too...I hate when that happens!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silent Night....not

Last night was Dalaynee's preschool Christmas program. I had my Canon in one hand and the video camera in the other. It was a kick in the head. Our girl did us proud...and I think she was the only one wearing a hat. I got to sit in front because I was taking pics for our new website at church. When she saw me there, she whispered real loud, Hi, Auntie Laur. It was great! Gloria in excelsis deo!

Yup, We Built a House...

Have you ever done this, made a gingerbread house? It was a new holiday festivity for me. We had a kit and everything, so it was really cheating, but I can't tell you how many times the stupid thing "imploded" on itself. It would not stay standing! Finally, I let it dry a bit and it seemed to work. Dalaynee kept licking icing off the roof, saying, I just need one more little taste. When we finally finished, she clapped her hands together and said, "Our work here is done" Nuff said.

Fa La Flippin La Sam is our "man on the inside" and we took him to the mall the other day so he could tell us what to buy for Claire and Cal and uh, him. I hate malls at Christmas.....too much fa and not enough la. But, we were able to see Santa Bill. He is working the Lakewood Center Mall this Christmas and was able to take a break while we were there. Little kids kept coming up to him and many a phone pic was taken....illegally, because they are supposed to pay for that...but Bill was able to sneak a few in...and we got the shopping done, so that is good....but I'm glad it's done!....and I am not even driving by a mall until late January!

Monday, December 03, 2007

it never rains in southern california....baloney

Yeah, I let her play in the water...and yeah her mom wasn't too happy about it...but I got some awfully cute pictures out of it....that's the bottom line...

...and then we made Rice Krispy things

Since Jayne and Jeff are watching funds this year, we made Rice Krispy treats for thier neighbors and for Dalaynee's teachers. We wrapped them all nicely in Christmas cellophane and then I made tags for them with a picture of the Nord's etc. Here's some of the pics of those that cooked. I didn't help in that area, I entertained the neice. Like I said, my job. We made just enough for everyone, we didn't even get to taste one! There is a nice shot here of mother licking off the wax paper (she'll hate that I put that here) Ok, enjoy!

Danny's family plus Coco

Here's a picture my little brother sent me today...thier annual Christmas shot. Nice looking family, huh? Danny and Judy are ok, but look at those nephews and niece of mine! Aren't they gorgeous...well I think so, it's my job....and no, I don't know who Rob and Big are...I think those are the relatives we don't talk about....

...and the testing continues...oh joy

On Friday I had an EKG, had to climb up on this stupid table and lay flat. Getting up and down from tables is not easy for a chick with too much width and not enough length, but I got her done. The doctor says my heart looks like it's in good shape and I'm still relatively young (thank you very much), but he would feel better doing a stress test, so, 4 days before Christmas I go back to lovely Fountain Valley and take some sort of medication that will speed up my heart ( I prefer liquor or a cute guy) and then they will see how strong my heart is. Good grief, let's get this show on the road already!