Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Danny and the boys do Joshua Tree

Just got some pics from brother, Daniel. He and the boys traveled to Joshua to camp for a couple of days with a big group of dads and sons. They have been doing it for years. Danny always complains of how cold it is and uncomfortable...but he went for the boys. This weekend was freezing...and we sympathized with poor Danny stuck in Joshua Tree freezing his butt off.
I just found out...he got a hotel room and the boys camped. Uh huh, poor, poor Danny.

I Was at Death's Door....really

I got the flu last week...that turned into the plague. I got the stomach flu on Sunday, by Monday night, it was so bad, mother made me move in with them. Because of the diabetes, when I get it , it' s like getting hit by a truck. So, I moved into Hospital Hofwegen. A really nice hospice/bed and breakfast....but don't tell anybody. Dad doesn't want that getting around. I hid from Dalaynee for 2 days so that she wouldn't catch it, but she was finally allowed in the bedroom with me. And what a nurse she turned out to be. Who knew? She sang me my "favorite lullaby"...rock a bye Lauri, in the tree top. The word picture that creates is horrifying by the way. She would watch Elmo with me and she patted my leg an awful lot. What a dear girl. She just said to me on the phone a minute ago. "I so sad you not here anymore, Lauri, but I glad I was helped to make you all better." Florence Nightengale could not have said it better.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Playing Games

Every day, when Jayne picks up Dalaynee from mom and dad's she says, Mama, I have a new game...let me show you. This is a photo of how thrilled Jayne is about the new game. I think they are both a little nuts.

I am the greatest aunt....

I let my nieces and nephews use my camera...I know, I'm an idiot...but I got some great pictures of the coast and the Golden Gate Bridge from vaca because Sam and Cal were in charge of the thing. I was yelling instructions from the drivers seat, but they took the picture. Claire has taken a few cool ones too. Mostly of herself in the bathroom mirror, but still, they were focused and everything. Look how well they did...So now, Dalaynee wants to give it a try...so here are the results...me and grammy and papa yesterday....not bad for a 2 1/2 year old, huh? All that natural talent all 4 of them have comes from me ya know.

...and here's the pics

I didn't have the Canon with me when the chick got her hair cut, but I took some yesterday so you can see her in all her "adorable-ness"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First Haircut

Dalaynee got her first haircut yesterday. I remember the days when we prayed she would actually "have" hair...and now we are getting it cut. She sat real still and when we asked her what she thought, she looked in the mirror and said...I look adorable. I concur.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


...mom found these old black and white negatives in the drawer the other day...so we got them printed up...and it is a blast from the past...here is what we found...

Just a little nothing

I saw Danny this weekend. He was out on his motorcycle with Samuel on the back. They look like clones especially when they both have helmets and sun glasses on. It's spooky. I was going through some old photo files and found these. We seem to be having a good time...hmmm