Saturday, December 27, 2008

and a merry merry it was...and loud

mother gave all the kids and danny some kind of pop gun that shot ping pong size balls. at times it looks like a blizzard in the living room. brought great joy. i'm hoping your holiday was as bright...may God bless us everyone...
Calvin getting shot while trying to open a gift (by Jayne and Dalaynee I think) finally firing back
Yup, that would be Jayne and Dalaynee firing at uh, Calvin
Danny's crew - Judy was able to come home from work and be with us on Christmas Eve. 1st time in 6 years. She's happy cuz I was able to find the dog that she wanted. I was happy cuz I got it on sale...

Friday, December 05, 2008

More photos of the T-day Journey

Kathy and her crew
The first cousins group shot in front of the Heilkema's tree
Lisa working in the chocolate shop..and Dalaynee purusing the merchandise
Don't ask
A nice shot of Auntie Joan
What a lovely couple...a couple of turkeys that is...
What a guy, huh? Does he do this at home, Michelle?
Jayne and Dad making the Police report in Oregon
Lynden Christmas Decos

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Faces to be Thankful for....

We traveled to Washington, and for the small exception of the car being broke into in Grants Pass, OR and the video camera and the Nord's shoes being stolen, it was a good trip. The shoes were recovered, which is good, cuz it was cold and the girls were wearing flip flops. We had a wonderful time with the family...the cousins even bumped up thier Christmas party so that we could be there...what a gracious thing that was to do. There are many more pics to follow...but here are the faces from my Thanksgiving...that I am giving thanks for this year...thanks cousins....we do have fun, don't we?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ladaynie Jo

She gets mad when I call her that...I mean really I don't do it...very often. On Saturday, I had her with me because Jaynie worked in Compton all day. She fell asleep in the back seat and I couldn't get a hold of Jayne on her cell, so I headed for church. Laynie woke up we got out of the car. Jayne's car was there, but she wasn't around. Laynie says I know we'll never find her again..we have to look for her....we better split up. Better split up???...who are we Starksy and Hutch?