Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...A Sunday Stroll Down Memory Lane...

My cousin, Linda Wind and her husband adopted a little girl named Rylee Grace and she was baptized on Sunday. She is a doll. It was great to see Linda and her sister Sue and reiminice about the old days...as Jayne and I left there she said to me...man, those guys really know alot about us...and all the crazy, stupid things we used to do when we were young....and yup, unfortunately they do...but it sure was fun. Susan, leave a comment now...I know you're out there!

a sittin by the pool....from Walmart.

Got a call on Saturday...Auntie Laur, it's hot outside (90 degrees for heavens sake) and so I know that it's summertime you know...and we went to Walmart ...and me and your majesty got a new green swimming pool...and a balloon named Fran...and now I gonna put on my bathing suit...and I think you should come and take pictures (all in one breath, little kids have big lungs)...so, I of course got right in my car and made my way to the house of the swimmer...and these are the results....yup, it's summertime.
I got there a little early...she was cleaning out the bugs in the pool...in her birthday suit....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Stitch in time....and all that stuff...

This is one more shot of LAX on Saturday. Between Becky and Michelle and Mandy and I we had 4 cameras that were all very similiar. Anytime you can spend time with people with four different cameras...hey that is a good time in my book. I was showing them the stitching feature on my camera..and this is what I ended up with. Kinda cool....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jaynie's birthday

Last Wednesday when the Nord chicks joined me for lunch...I snuck Dalaynee into the kitchen and we came out with this little bitty birthday cake. Mom and Dad were there too. Dalaynee loves chocolate birthday cake..well, any kind of cake will do..but she loves the celebration that goes along with it most of all...can't you tell?

Saturday @ LAX

Well, we went to meet up with the Bob and Dee branch...and it worked out perfectly...we walked in...I got out my cell phone to try and call and find them...this tall blond guy walks past...I glanced at him....I recognized Gary..he recognized me..and we both said.....Hey! From then on it was party in the luggage department. Greg went and got pizza for everybody. I found out later that he bribed the cop in front of the airport with a whole pizza so that he could park right in front. Doesn't that sound like Greg? Uh huh, it does. It was great to see them all, chat for a bit and take some photos....and them bid them farewell. Good times,huh?

...a little ed n beck

I'll post more later from our rendevous on Saturday, but this sequence is a favorite...aren't they a cute couple? Yeah, I think they are....

Monday, April 14, 2008

...afternoon, Beck

I was so excited to see you guys that my shot got blurry! But I did get some good ones...I'll post them later. It was great to see you all...wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!