Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a brush with greatness

Our senior pastor...and his son our pastor have a grandson and nephew that plays for the Utah Jazz. His name is Kyle Korver. His dad is a pastor at a Reformed church in Pella, IA.The Utah Jazz were in the playoffs with the Lakers last week, but they lost the last game last Friday. Bummer drag. But our local paper here interviewed our pastors...along with a picture of the family in the Lakers business office....this is us looking at the article on Sunday...kind of interesting....I always did like basketball....

a very dalaynee day

I took a vacation day last week to stay with Dalaynee while mom and jayne took Jeff to LA for treatment. The fun we had. We played t-ball, hide and seek, "pinano", did a couple of magic shows....I was totally wiped out, I don't know how Jaynie does it. She says it's because all I do is play with her. All. The. Time. Well, that's my job, ya know. We ended the afternoon by playing in the water. I got wetter than the chick in the pink bathing suit, what is up with that?
Suffice to say....every once in a while, ya just got to have a very dalaynee day.....

mothers day, yeah, i'm a little late

Just remembered these were on the camera yet. Me and mother took Dalaynee shopping for her mom for mother's day. She walked in the store and says, "hmmm, I need something very special for my very special mama". This big guy standing next to us smiled when he heard that...I just said.."hmm, if only you had some of that special money in your pocket,huh?" We got a candle and flip flops and a ring holder for her dresser...all stuff she picked out. It was a nice day....we all brought whatever fast food we wanted and danny's brood brought cookies. at least mother was happy...that's what it's about, right?

Friday, May 16, 2008

poor baby

My dear Dalaynee went to Adventureland for a field trip today. It's a kiddie amusement park. Well, I just got a phone call..."Auntie Laur, me and Karissa (her BFF) went on a roller coaster and it was the scariest thing and we prayed and prayed that it would stop and it finally did and me and Karissa are never ever gonna go on another roller coaster...ever!"
Karissa's mom, who went along as a chaparone, said that when the two of them got off, Dalaynee said, "thank you God and Jesus for rescuing us from that terrible roller coaster"
I'll second that.

Friday, May 09, 2008

oh...and speaking of glasses..

I found a very cool website where the sunglasses are only a penny a pair. The postage is 6.99, but hey, it's still a pair of sunglasses for 7 bucks. They are very cool and not cheaply made. I've ordered a couple of pair...summer is comin people....ya gotta stock up!
Check it out!

The "eyes" have it

Mother needed new glasses. She always wants us to go along, because she can never tell what they look like on her because, uh, she needs glasses. This time I got the bright idea of taking my camera along, taking a shot of her, then letting her see what they look like. It worked really well...and thank goodness Layne Jo was there to help. Mom wouldn't let me post any of the pictures of her in frames...she made me delete them. She is no fun at all...but here's what I did get... I wonder if Dalaynee knows that boys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses...hmmmm