Friday, October 27, 2006

Dalaynee Jo and Papa

It seems that Laynee's favorite person in the world is her "papa". She thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. She loves sliced bread too, don't get me wrong....she's a member of this family after all. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday....I think papa is a little fond of her too....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Day of "field" trips

It was a fun day at work today. I got to take a picture for women's min Christmas promo. It's a Christmas Open House, so we tried to get all the different cultures in there. A Mexican blanket, an African American doll, wooden shoes. I think I got something I could I've not been at my desk all day. It suprises me sometimes that this is my's always
something new. And anytime I can use
my camera, it's a good day....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Very Long Time Ago

This is a photo I happened to dig from many years ago. Mom wanted to take a nice shot for a Christmas card, so we traveled to the park in Rock Rapids and posed our little heads off. Look closely and you will see traces of Cal, Sam, Claire and Dalaynee in those faces. I don't think we ever put it on a Christmas card tho....I think it was because Danny was so funny lookin...hmmm

A Little Fall has Fallen

One of the favorite parts of my job is creating postcards, flyers, etc...and the artwork for them. The other day I had to create a flyer that will go out to the area public schools for a Harvest Festival that we do every year here at Emmanuel. We have booths for food and games etc. This year I got roped into working the photo booth. They we also do something called Trunk or Treat. Members of the church park their cars in the parking lot and open thier trunks filled with candy. Kids walk from car to car and trick or treat. Some people decorate thier cars, some dress up. We usually have sometimes 4000 people from the surrounding community attend. It's our biggest outreach event of the year. Dalaynee will be a duck this year. Whoo Whoo. Anyway, in my travels on the internet searching for scarecrows etc for this flyer, I came upon this photo. Taken in Canada at sunrise, the photographer was riding with a friend and got him to slow down the car enough for him to take this shot from the passenger window. Reminds of my days living in both Iowa and Washington....I just liked it...and thought I would share it with you...Happy Fall!

Friday, October 13, 2006

This was my editorial for the last Church Newsletter I did here at work. That was this summer...the June issue...brides and all that stuff. Since I've never been one, I took a shot at writing about the experience I've gained from helping to plan one.....and here we go..... A girl dreams of her wedding But she hasn’t got a clue Of all of the things That she’ll have to do Search the world Find a mate Receive a ring Set a date Tell the family Search for a gown Make sure the pastor Will be in town Book reception hall Reserve the church And continue on The wedding gown search Meet with the caterer Taste the food Got to make sure The eats are good Pick the flowers Now don’t stress But keep on shopping For that wedding dress Decide on bridesmaids What they’ll wear Make a guest list Of who will be there Pick out the music And just who will sing Get a free jewelers cleaning On the big diamond ring Book a pianist Or a string quartet Had any luck Finding a wedding dress yet? Get to a bakery Order a cake Don’t forget to register For heaven’s sake Attend wedding showers With family and friends Make sure the guest book Is supplied with 2 pens Find a photographer Someone with style Who’s able to capture every smile Make honeymoon plans Someplace sunny will do Get something borrowed Something old, something blue The bride is exhausted From planning the day She asks one thing of the groom remember what to say When the pastors asks Say a simple “I Do” Put the ring on her finger Wedding Day Dream come true The day has dawned Church is filled as it can get Pastor says do you take this woman? Groom says, yeah, sure you bet.

More Pics from Breakfast at the Beach

These are a few more photos from that day...gotta get the motorcycle in there. It's a 2005 Kawasaki and it only had 80 miles on it. Somebody won it in a contest and had it at a shop to sell. Danny says it "rides really nice"...and a lot faster. Mom was not too crazy about that...know what I mean? Somehow, Danny looks cool on a bike, don't ask me why....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Anniversary, 2 Birthdays and No Funerals, Thank God

We celebrated Brother in Law Bill's birthday, Danny's birthday and the Yargers Anniversary at the Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach. Danny arrived on his new motorcycle, very cool. Congrats to all

...takin' a dip in Lake Havasu

We traveled to Lake Havasu this weekend..with the Nords and thier boat. It was great fun and there was a this photographer was happy..