Thursday, August 21, 2008

poor baby

Laynee got sick yesterday. She had a temp of 104 at one time and started throwing up last night. But the first thing she said to Jayne is "mama, I'm not super-duper sick, am I?...cuz daddy was super-duper sick. Poor little thing thought she was as sick as daddy. Pray for Dalaynee and her mom. There are good days and bad days. Yesterday was kind of a bad one....

we called it a dog warming

....altho Danny did tell Jayne, "I ain't gonna warm your dog, just so you know". Everybody brought their dogs. Susie and Bill brought Jackie and Gracie. Dan and his troup brought Coco and it all took place at Dayzee's house. There was only one incident where Jackie and Dayzee fought over a chicken bone, but there was no bloodshed. The humans all got along too. Dad even participated by bringing a small stuffed pink poodle in his shirt pocket. It was also a "welcome home from scotland" party for Cal. He showed up wearing a kilt. Very cute. Finally he said, "has everyone seen it...i'm changing into pants". He did say it was comfortable tho. It was a good day and the food was delish and the dogs were a kick in the head. What better way to spend a Sunday, huh?


We did the pony rides on Saturday with Laynee's best friend, Karissa and her dad. They had such a time, they did. Here's a few photos of the event. Keep in mind, I didn't have my own camera, it's still in the shop, doggone it! I borrowed one from church and it worked ok, but I miss mine. Heard from my doctor and she said yup, it does look like I'm gonna have to lose wieght before the surgery. A big plus tho, is that she can give me a liquid diet of free samples. I won't have to spend the $130 a week like I was doing, so that is a good thing. I'll probably get that next week, I've yet to get a hold of her. So, here we go again....pray hard, people. I appreciate it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a tiny bit of progress.....argh!

so many have asked about the status of my surgery...thanks so much for your concern. i finally just got so frustrated and i wrote a long letter to my primary care doctor. explained that i had done all the testing and that they were ready to schedule it...yadda yadda yadda. she called me today. she has this real thick russian accent. she asked how i was, i said ok...she says, i don't think so. she got all the details and then said she would call the surgeon and talk to her directly. so, maybe we are heading into the home stretch. my goodness i hope's enough to make a chick cry, i tell ya. so, i'll let you know what happens.
meanwhile we gather this sunday to welcome home calvin daniel from scotland and celebrate his birthday belatedly and welcome also dayzee nord the dog to the family. everyone is bringing their canines along. pray there is no dog fight in jaynies front yard. hopefully i'll have photos on monday...happy trails folks....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

a very profound Laynee-ism

So they got home and we hugged for a long time. I missed that little kid. We were sitting in Jayne's house and she says suddenly...wait, it's the ice cream man! Jayne and I didn't hear a thing...she ran outside to wait by the tree with her money in her little fist. I waited on the front step and said, I don't hear anything, Laynee...she says, you have to listen real hard for the music. Still, all I could hear was an airplane overhead. I don't hear it, said wise old auntie. She said, looking at me very carefully, "well, see, I have really loud hearing....I guess you don't"
Uh, Nope, I don't.
Good to have her back in town.....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 sure is beautiful over there...

Here's the nephew in Scotland. He's only called once, but his church youth group has a website and we got these pics, so we know for sure he's there...ain't he cute?
This is on his birthday...Kryna is that what you call a party hat in Scotland?????

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 it felt like a 7.5

I made a "little" mistake there on my richter scale reading for the was a 5.4, I think, thank you Becky and Tim..but the sucker did rattle and roll, and that's the truth!

Happy Birthday Calvin

He may be in a foreign country right now, but we celebrated him just the same. I remember when he was born, it was a day before the Arkansas Family reunion. We didn't know if we would be able to see our first nephew before we left, but God in his infinite wisdom and
timing, let us meet him before we left. He was my first...and what a doll he was. The first
name he said was Lor Lor and we all rejoiced when he said it. As he grew older he would
say he wanted a pair of towboy boots and a towboy hat...when he threw the ball it
was eddy eddy dough!...and we'll ne're forget the famous song he wrote Rex the Fire Dog.
I was so proud...and still am...can you tell? yup, I know. HBCD!