Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ladaynie Jo

She gets mad when I call her that...I mean really upset...so I don't do it...very often. On Saturday, I had her with me because Jaynie worked in Compton all day. She fell asleep in the back seat and I couldn't get a hold of Jayne on her cell, so I headed for church. Laynie woke up we got out of the car. Jayne's car was there, but she wasn't around. Laynie says I know we'll never find her again..we have to look for her....we better split up. Better split up???...who are we Starksy and Hutch?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry....

Ok, it's been a while...it's been terrifically busy, but that is really no excuse. So, here you have pics of Dalaynee's Halloween parade, Trunk or Treat and Dad's birthday and Dan and Judy's anniversary...in no particular order...see I told you it was busy...enjoy, my friends, enjoy!
Dalaynee and her friends at Trunk or Treat...there were waaaaay too many princesses there! Big sale at the Disney store... here's her highness at the parade at preschool A lot of our staff dressed up like our senior pastor, that's him in the front..it was quite funny
Happy Anniversary Dan and Judy
Happy Birthday, Dad
Dalaynee and her teacher, Mrs. Teri
love those faces...no really I do!
Great way to end the day, huh?