Monday, April 23, 2007


I am considering having gastric bypass surgery. I finally found a doctor that would talk to me about it and she refered me to a doctor in Fountain Valley, about 1/2 hour drive. So, there I go for my first appt on Friday morning. It's pouring rain...very odd for So Cal, but there you have it. I get there, get in the office. I'm finally sitting in that claustiphopic little room with no windows and that stupid table with the stirrups on it. By this time I've invested at least 3 hours of a work day on this adventure. Dr. comes in, says, I'm sorry, I don't do this procedure, someone made a mistake. I showed him my referral paperwork and all that...he says, sorry and walks out. I was so frustrated/pissed off that I walked outta there before asking for my $25 co-pay back. My mom has told me before that she thinks I should write a book about this whole thing. I called her from the parking lot and said, I think I have a title..."How Do You Spell Gastric?" The nurse actually asked me that...should have been my first hint that I was in the wrong place...the only upside was that later that afternoon, as I was having a conversation with my youngest niece , out of the blue she says, " God has a plan for your life, Auntie Lauri, "nemember" that ok?" Something I really needed to hear on that my journey continues..I will keep you posted.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clean, Clean, Clean

Well, they did clean on Saturday. You wouldn't know it by these shots, but they worked thier heads off! I came just in time for lunch...because I could. Then I made them all pose for these pics. You can see that Laynee Jo thinks her big cousins are very cool...I think so too. (Don't tell them that)

Living on the edge

So....this is a daily ritual for Dad and Dalaynee...the awesome ride on the "dolly". She yells from the back yard, Oh Papa...I need a ride...and Dad puts down his Word Search and trudges out to the back and proceeds to push her on the thing up and down the side of the house AND makes noises like a truck! Yeah, life is good when you are only 2 1/2.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Masterpiece

Dalaynee Jo learned to play a song on the piano the other day. "I can read, I can write, I can smoke my daddy's pipe" Fairly simple tune, but there was much whoo hoo-ing goin on when she finished. She showed cousin Sam how she played the ditty. Sam said, look, Laynee, this is Mary had a Little Lamb, want me to teach you that? The young pianist said, no, I think I just play I can read. Good enough sweet pea!

and a 15 year old shall lead them.... there we are sitting at the folk's house. We had cleanup day there on Saturday. Danny and his boys and Jeff helped Dad get rid of a lot of stuff from the back yard. Danny had gotten a good deal on new cell phones, so now Cal and Sam both have thier own...who would have thought it would come to this. The phones all have cameras, so they were taking pictures of everyone, Danny for one, thought he was so cool. Then he is looking at his and says, Calvin, why are there all these black photos on mine, why are they turning out like that? Cal studied his dear father's phone for about half a second and says, Dad, you're taking pictures of the inside of your pocket. I have not laughed that hard in a long time...heck we all laughed at him. I asked Danny if he would like me to blow those up and put them in a nice frame for him. His response....bite me, Lauri. Oh yeah...good times.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Driving" Me Nuts!

Now, I'm a pretty good driver
been doing it for a lot of years
I've had a fender bender or two
that have brought me to the edge of tears
And I realize that there are others
that need to use the road like me
People need to get were they gotta go
On that we can all agree
But, it's come to my attention
There are drivers with abosolutely no clue
When they try to get on the freeway
they don't know at all what to do!
Just this morning, a Lexus in front of me
While merging onto the lovely 605
Stopped right there on the onramp
I'm lucky to be alive!
And on Tuesday, a Ford in another lane
cut in front of me just like that
they got tired of waiting for the car ahead
whose tire had just gone flat
So, I've come to some conclusions
a rule of thumb, if you will
Something that will take care of the problem
a solution that will just fit the bill
Anyone who wants to drive a car
Has to always first come and see me
I'll decide if they know how to drive
if they deserve a car and a key
And just to make my life a little easier
to insure that I have a nice day
whenever you see me on the road,
People, please get out of my way!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flip Flop Disaster the other day we're walking along and Laynie was gonna run for a bit...not my idea, you understand, but anyway, she had on her new flip flops. These are the shoes of choice for the young lass because they come off quickly. With just a flick of the ankle, they fly across the that she can hurry on to the next thing on her endless "to do" list...So, she tries to run and they came off her little feet. Aw, said sympathetic aunt, those shoes don't run too good, huh? She stopped and said, oh no, I bet I have them on the wrong feet again...I always do that...and then proceeded to take them off. Even tho we reassured her that they were indeed on the correct feets, she kept on, taking them off and on repeatedly. The lesson learned? Don't run with flip flops on.....always put them on the right feet...or do like me...don't run at all. Saves a lot of frustration.

We Partied Last Night!

Oh yeah, 3 old broads and a 2 year old. But it was fun, all the same. The chicks did dinner in honor of Jayne's birthday. Dalaynee took the pic of me and Susie (yikes)....and you can see she loves her mom and the cake and candles part of the evening. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night, I guess.

Monday, April 09, 2007


We went to an Easter Carnival. Laynee hunted for eggs (she found 6) Then she insisted on goin on a jumper thing with a slide and stuff that was really for bigger kids...and she made it! She had to summon her mother to take off her socks somewhere in the middle so that she could "climb more better"....but it was all good. If it was me, I'd still be laying in the middle of that thing trying to climb my way out!!!!

Happy Birthday Jayne Denise

We're celebrating Jaynie today...she's the youngest....and the one that mom had to talk dad into...and we're glad she did. Otherwise there would be no Dalaynee..and I cannot imagine a world like see, Jayne is good for something!

Friday, April 06, 2007


I didn't have to travel all the way to Huntington Beach to photograph the dog. Danny sent this one in an email. He said the dog belongs to the family, not just Claire, she actually got roller skates as her present. It's a Lapso Hapso (spelling?) and she is 4 months old. Danny said he could tell us how much he paid for it, but then he'd have to kill us. Talked to him last night...he said he was already cleaning up after the thing....not the kids. He sounded a little tense...wonder why?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Claire-bear

It was Claires birthday yesterday. She got a dog...and 102 fever, poor kid. I remember when she was home. Cal was 5 and he cut the "limbilical cord". He called us afterwards to tell us it was a girl. I asked him how it was to cut the cord...he said (in his little 5 year old voice) "pretty tough". Definitely a day to remember. I have to go over there this weekend and take a picture of the dog, named Coco, by the way. Claire swears she is photogenic. HB CB

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a day at the races....

On Saturday at church we had a fund raiser for Kids Klub. Jayne and I were leaders for about 8 years, but quit this year. Jeff is still goin strong. They had a Pancake Breakfast/Derby Car Race. Jeff had to cook pancakes...and they weren't half bad. Dalaynee ran all over the place...if she wasn't at the end of the track cheering on the cars, she was playing with "Andrew the Dog". Not Andrew her brother, she'll tell you...this is a dog named Andrew...this Saturday is an Easter Egg Hunt....whoo whoo