Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Starting to Suck at the Blogging thang....

I don't know why I've not done this...concentrating too much on my new eating habits, I guess. How boring is that? I've lost almost 26 pounds! Yay. I can fit behind the wheel better, i'm not getting breathless walking from my car to my office and I can feel that I'm carrying around a lot it's all good. Still hard with the eating and stuff...sometimes I'm still hungry, sometimes I'm too full...still trying to get a handle on it. But overall, I am good. Thanks everyone for the prayer support etc. It's appreciated and felt. Easter was good. No chocolate for me, darn it, but it was fun anyway. We also went out for Jaynie's birthday. She got a new car with an automatic door in the back. It was supposed to have a sensor, so after dinner we gathered around and tested it. Here are some pics of Susie and Sam, the only ones brave enough to try. ...and assorted pics of the dinner and Easter. Dalaynee sang with her clas in church that morning, so it was a good day. Hope it was for all of you. Ok, I promise I'll do better...and then when I've done that...I'll try to tackle Facebook....yikes!

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